Mexican street artist Dhear as a young school boy, dreaming up fantastical images and other worldly places that feature in his breath taking murals and illustrations. 

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1. A brief story about you 

When I was thirteen  years old, I chose to write graffiti letters as Dhear, it had no meaning to me, they were just letters and I liked to paint  them. Later it became my artistic name. I work as an illustrator so I can afford to do my work as an artist and mural painter.
2. Your first/earliest visual memory? 
I know it sounds stupid and unreal but I posses a memory of being inside my motherĀ“s womb.
3. What or who inspired you as a kid? 
My father and my cousins often  showed me science fiction movies that inspired me a lot. Movies like Terminator, Alien, Space Odissey and Blade Runner.
4. An early poignant art making moment/experience? 
I have a very early memory of drawing an elephant in the kindergarten.
5. How would you describe your style and approach to your work? 

My work is mainly inspired in microcosmos, fungi and nature. My style goes from surrealism, scientific illustration to fantastic art.
6. Message for mini budding artists?
Follow your fleeting thoughts.

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