Creative Contributors

Altair Roelants
Arts Writer & Guest Judge - Budding Artist Monthly Challenges

Altair is a Sydney based freelance arts writer who currently writes for a range of national and international arts magazines about Australian contemporary visual art and ceramics. Alongside her writing, she also coordinates arts projects for disadvantaged communities. 

As a child, Altair started talking about, making and loving art before she could walk or read - attending endless art classes, entering competitions and spending much of her childhood getting lost in the galleries and museums of London. Altair went on to study Contemporary Art Theory & History of Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Alongside dabbling in life drawing, sculpture and (currently) ceramics classes on the way.

Art was, and is, one of the main inspirations in Altair's life (the other two being people and food) and encourages all Budding Artists to get creative and have fun!

You can read Altair's published articles on her blog Writing the Visual.

Melodie Glass
'Ask Mama Mel'

Melodie (BEd, MA) is an early childhood educator, researcher and writer with a background in the creative arts. Her work regarding children’s creativity has been published in Australia and the United Kingdom. Melodie presently lives in Armidale, NSW where she is the Director of a community based Steiner Preschool. She is a wife and mother to two gorgeous girls under four. She also runs a small business, Nurtured Beginnings, which aims to support pregnancy, birth and early childhood.


Zalmiy Ramirez
Film Editor

I have always been into art. In fact it is my love for art which brought me to study design and live theatre production. I learnt great skill in building sets and props, but I also found a deeper understanding of films during this time. Even though my love for studying films has always been there, I became more involved with all aspects of film creation, from story boards to post production.

But I love filming & editing most of all. I enjoy showing others my view, my vision and being behind the camera gives me the chance to do this. Not only can film reach out across the world but it also gives you the chance to work with people who have the same dreams and goals, no matter where they live. I have always loved the thought that by capturing something on film it makes a point in time permanent; giving the power to watch the footage over and over, and relive it.